housing starts

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Housing Starts

The number of new homes that construction companies have begun building in a given area over a certain period of time. The U.S. Census Bureau measures and publishes housing starts in the United States as a way of gauging the state of the housing market. See also: Housing Market Index.

housing starts

A statistic tracked by the U.S.Census Bureau (www.census.gov) and by many local real estate and builder organizations;indicates the number of new homes on which construction has started within a certain time period,usually one month and one year.

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Five provinces had decreases in housing starts, while the western provinces were the only ones to see gains on a year-over-year percentage basis.
For all of 2017, housing starts have risen a mere 2.
Single-family housing starts last month reached 656,000, representing an 8.
Economists polled by Reuters had forecast housing starts rising to a 635,000-unit rate.
In October alone, Norway's housing starts jumped by 42.
In September alone, Norway's housing starts rose by 8.
Although signs of recovery have been seen, housing starts remain sluggish in the face of strict conditions in economy and employment,'' a ministry official said.
Cross-correlation analysis reveals that the association between housing starts and the number of houses sold are strongly positive and immediate, and it continues to persist for over two years.
Regionally, both housing starts and permits were down in the Northeast and Midwest, and rose in the South and West, compared with January.
Housing starts in northeastern Ontario through July are ahead of last year's pace, says the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).
The latest snapshot of UK house completions has revealed there were 40,300 housing starts in England during the quarter to December 2004 - up 13 per cent on the same period in 2003.

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