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Housing Starts

The number of new homes that construction companies have begun building in a given area over a certain period of time. The U.S. Census Bureau measures and publishes housing starts in the United States as a way of gauging the state of the housing market. See also: Housing Market Index.

housing starts

A statistic tracked by the U.S.Census Bureau (www.census.gov) and by many local real estate and builder organizations;indicates the number of new homes on which construction has started within a certain time period,usually one month and one year.

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The figures to date indicate housing starts will continue at last year's levels, if not slightly improved, he notes.
In particular, using cross-correlation analysis, I find the relationship between housing starts and the number of houses sold is positively correlated (as number of houses sold increase, housing starts increase) at least for two years.
In northeastern Ontario, a housing starts and completions survey recorded seven single-detached starts in the four cities for March.
9% increase in housing starts for Q2 2004 (6,535) compared with Q2 2003 (5,989)
Housing starts declined in all regions -- the Tokyo metropolitan area, central Japan's Chubu area, western Japan's Kinki area and other areas.
A stronger employment picture in Sudbury is contributing to the strength in housing starts in 2002, with an average of 72,700 people employed.
In December, housing starts totaled 107,906 units, up 10.
In the past, housing starts increased to 370 in 1985 to 983 in 1989, then fell to 563 in 1992.
Housing starts also increased throughout the country, with regional gains ranging from 6% in the South to 22.
Meltzer points to the lowest unemployment rates in three decades, brisk retail sales and housing starts that, though they dropped last month, remain about 16 percent above last year's levels.
It is fairly safe to assume that housing completions will follow housing starts after a several-month lag.
33% increase in housing starts for Q2 2005 (4,357) compared with Q2 2004 (3,271)

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