housing bond

Housing bond

Bonds issued by a local housing authority to finance housing projects.

Mortgage-Backed Revenue Bond

A municipal bond that is issued in order to finance low-cost mortgages for residents of the municipality. The bonds are guaranteed by the payments made on these mortgages. In many ways, they are similar to mortgage-backed securities, but they are issued by a local government instead of private entity. A mortgage-backed revenue bond is also called a housing bond.

housing bond

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The IDBZ, which is mandated to support infrastructure development projects in the country, has been successful to secure $5 million in 2015 via floating its first housing bond through private placement.
Indeed, the Labour Party's policy announcement last weekend on the Future Homes Fund is, as has been widely reported, effectively the revival of the concept of the housing bond itself.
However, the rating is constrained by the halt in construction works of the recreational centre, as well as UBK's lack of experience in housing bond redemption.
A major advantage of the housing bond program is that the capital invested could be made available for reduced intezest-rate mortgages by the government for first-time purchasers of new homes, explains Katz.

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