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responsibility of housekeeping, another separate department within the
Hilton is preparing a special programme of event, competitions and celebrations for its Middle East housekeeping teams in its 22 hotels in five different countries across the GCC.
Products with the seal are backed by Good Housekeeping with a two-year, limited warranty.
Receipt of the Good Housekeeping Seal reinforces the brand's commitment to developing anti-aging products that are backed by science," said Stephen J.
"It is a fantastic accomplishment for the Cetaphil brand to be backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal and further demonstrates our commitment to providing consumers gentle skin care for all skin types and conditions," comments Cindy Kee, senior product manager for Cetaphil products.
"Consumers want a battery they can trust to serve as the heart of their treasured devices, and the Good Housekeeping Seal is one more example that Duracell is trusted everywhere," says Rick June, vice president and general manager, North America, for Duracell, a division of Procter & Gamble.
Good Housekeeping editor Louise Chunn said: "After the success of Jamie's school dinner campaign we had countless e-mails and letters from readers who were impressed by how much he has achieved.
The Ministry of Food endorsed the recipes and cooking tips in times of crisis that were a staple of Good Housekeeping and readers were encouraged to improvise and use every available resource to keep their fairly as healthy and buoyant as possible.
"There's a hunger among the readers for home-focused material," said Judith Coyne, executive editor of Good Housekeeping. "People are wanting their homes to be their haven.
The awards, presented in London tonight, are based on a survey of 1,000 readers of Good Housekeeping.
Taking that mandate, it is vital that commercial property managers demonstrate a "battle plan" of confidence and integrity in the "good housekeeping" of their sites.
During a wide-ranging speech on women and human rights in Melbourne, she said that while more women now work in countries like Australia and Britain, they still have primary responsibility for housekeeping and child rearing.