house rules

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House rules

Internal rules of broker-dealer firm that govern the handling of its customers' accounts.
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House Rules

Rules followed only at a certain location. For example, each stock exchange has its own rules in addition to regulations set down by a government authority.
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house rules

A brokerage firm's regulations regarding customer accounts and practices. For example, the firm must establish rules concerning margin requirements, the handling of customers' checks, and good faith deposits on new accounts. House rules must be at least as strict as industry regulations require.
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house rules

Everyday-conduct rules adopted by a condominium association to cover things such as hours of pool usage, number of allowable guest parking places, prohibitions against drying towels on balcony railings,and other such matters.

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Voting 43-0, members of the panel invoked House Rule 10, Section 48 in approving the bill in a one-day hearing.
The Leyte solon invoked Section 48 of the House rules which provide that: 'In case of bills or resolutions that are identified as priority measures of the House, which were previously filed in the immediately preceding Congress and have already been approved on 3rd reading, the same may be disposed of as matters already reported upon the approval of majority of the Members of the committee present, there being a quorum.'
For election of Speaker, Section 2 (3a) of the House rule stipulates that 'a member-elect shall propose another member-elect with legislative experience as member of the House of Assembly to be Speaker, and move that such member elect do take the chair of the House as Speaker of the House of Assembly.'
The retailers'survey also revealed that more than half of families have house rules.
"It is unfortunate that Andaya had upended House rules anew by recalling another House-approved bill on his own as one of his final despicable acts as Majority Leader, just days before he relinquished his premier post of Majority and Rules Committee chairman," Villafuerte said.
Americans United and 144 other organizations sent a letter to the House Rules Committee, urging it to protect the Johnson Amendment: "Weakening current law would allow politicians and others seeking political power to pressure churches for endorsements, dividing congregations and opening them up to the flow of secret money.
Stressing House rules on who can form the minority, Sen.
Parents should talk with their children about media use and monitor their activities, educate them about media-related risks, co-view and co-use media with their children, and establish house rules for media usage.
In a ( sneak peek from the episode, Ronnie moves in to Bernard's (Nathan Lee Graham) place and is surprised by the long list of house rules her fellow flight attendant has set for her.
The public accounts and investment team is a watchdog committee and the House rules dictate that it should be chaired by the minority side.
Moving the proposals from the Procedure and House Rules Committee yesterday, member Tom Kajwang' (Ruaraka) said the amendment will ensure equitable distribution of members to the 32 committees.