house rules

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House rules

Internal rules of broker-dealer firm that govern the handling of its customers' accounts.

House Rules

Rules followed only at a certain location. For example, each stock exchange has its own rules in addition to regulations set down by a government authority.

house rules

A brokerage firm's regulations regarding customer accounts and practices. For example, the firm must establish rules concerning margin requirements, the handling of customers' checks, and good faith deposits on new accounts. House rules must be at least as strict as industry regulations require.

house rules

Everyday-conduct rules adopted by a condominium association to cover things such as hours of pool usage, number of allowable guest parking places, prohibitions against drying towels on balcony railings,and other such matters.

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And your bathroom is the Bristol Farms down the street," Bernard tells Ronnie before handing her the complete list of house rules he created.
According to the House Rules, court users should maintain good order and must not cause any danger, damage, disruption or disorder while on court premises.
Senator Kang'ata was present in all the committees' election meetings, on Tuesday and Thursday, monitoring the voting process and where a senator was absent, he invoked the House rules that allowed him the power to vote for the missing member.
Leaders of the House Rules Committee posted a copy of its version of the bill, H.
said at the House Rules meeting on Wednesday, which was streamed live on the web, that Republican leaders had asked for the resolution to get time to "buy more votes.
The revised disclosure provisions are included in the new House rules that set stricter lobbying standards, including banning any electronic contact (such as texts, emails, or phone calls) between lobbyists and representatives during House sessions and committee or subcommittee meetings.
The post MPs invited to lectures on House rules appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Chris Turner, a Grand Prairie Democrat and a member of the Ethics Committee, said it was clear that Stickland's staff violated the spirit of the House rules by signing up people to testify at a hearing when they weren't at the Capitol.
Hasbro's house rules debate came after the toy company got results of a survey that showed that about 70 per cent of 1000 respondents said that they had never read all Monopoly rules and 34 per cent said they made up rules more than once.
Binienda, D-Worcester, will continue as chairman of the House Rules Committee and state Rep.
The occasion was "under Chatham House rules," which in most people's books means that you cannot repeat what is said.
Summary: X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza has hit the headlines after apparently breaking Gary Barlow's house rules.