hostile takeover

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Hostile takeover

A takeover of a company (usually made by an open tender offer to shareholders) against the wishes of the current management and the Board of Directors by an acquiring company or raider.

Hostile Takeover

The acquisition of one company by another without the consent of the target company's board of directors. Generally speaking, a hostile takeover involves the acquiring company buying stock directly from shareholders, sometimes by offering a particularly high price. The acquiring company may buy up to 5% of the target company without registering the move with the SEC. See also: Friendly takeover, Corporate raider.

hostile takeover

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The taxpayer sold its investments in its noncore businesses as part of a plan to decrease the possibility of a hostile takeover.
The IRS's most recent TAM on resisting unwanted corporate raiders--TAM 9144042 (July 1, 1991)--holds that investment banking, legal, tax, and media professional fees incurred to defend against a hostile takeover must be capitalized if they result in a long-term benefit to the target corporation.
MP and union leader Jack Dromey said the oil giant, facing heavy criticism over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, could become the target of a hostile takeover which could damage the UK economy.
OTP chairman and chief executive Sandor Csanyi had said earlier that the proposal was designed to defend the company from any hostile takeover attempt.
fund launched a hostile takeover bid for Japanese noodle maker Myojo Foods Co.
7 billion hostile takeover for 15 months, business software maker PeopleSoft Inc.
When LBOs and hostile takeover activity slowed in the early 1990s, the creation of new large ESOPs by companies trying to block or facilitate takeovers slowed as well.
But what happens when your company is the subject of a hostile takeover, and each role pulls you in a different direction?
The analysis in Indopco confirms that hostile takeover defense expenditures are currently deductible.
In the recent case of Gillette, it never would have been possible for Ronald Perelman of Revlon to launch a hostile takeover attempt, nor for Coniston Partners to continue to pimp for a buyer, without the constant availability of millions of Gillette shares that a decade ago would not have been for sale.
In 2006 Lookers rejected a pounds 259 million hostile takeover bid by Pendragon.
shares ended Monday but it looks certain that Oji has failed to acquire the targeted amount of Hokuetsu stock in its hostile takeover bid.