hostile takeover

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Hostile takeover

A takeover of a company (usually made by an open tender offer to shareholders) against the wishes of the current management and the Board of Directors by an acquiring company or raider.
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Hostile Takeover

The acquisition of one company by another without the consent of the target company's board of directors. Generally speaking, a hostile takeover involves the acquiring company buying stock directly from shareholders, sometimes by offering a particularly high price. The acquiring company may buy up to 5% of the target company without registering the move with the SEC. See also: Friendly takeover, Corporate raider.
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hostile takeover

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But a lot of hostile architecture in our cities is often unnoticed, from curved benches to arm rests on benches.
Yonhap quoted South Korea's Ministry of National Defence as saying, "North Korea has implemented measures to stop hostile acts in accordance with the military agreement, including the recent closure of coastline artillery."
Consistent with the hostile media effect, both Republicans and Democrats believed that a news article shared by a Twitter user from an opposing political party was more biased than one shared by a Twitter user from the same political party.
Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Corbyn said: "Four years ago an internal Home Office memo stated that her hostile environment policies could make it harder for people like the Windrush generation to find homes and, in its own words, 'provoke discrimination'.
Unveiling the proposals, Mr Byrne said: "We are trying to create a much more hostile environment in this country if you are here illegally."
The prompt ability to protect against hostile actions to sense, access, process, command, and control covert information is of utmost importance and is vital for the success of this next generation of communication systems and networks.
And roughly the same proportion (31%) said concern about hostile behaviour, such as being subjected to verbal abuse, had prevented them going out in their local area.
They are well trained in dealing with hostile situations and we take any threat against them very seriously.
The participants were also imparted Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T) about the precautionary and safety measures to be adopted in case of any hostile situation if created by terrorists.
"He who conquers our land is an enemy state, not just a country whose leaders employ hostile policies."
The centre asked the sample if the 26 countries on its survey were very friendly, friendly, neutral, hostile, or very hostile.
Army's 129th Security Force Squadron at Moffett Federal Airfield have established a higher standard of professionalism by completing first responder training of this nature," said Kevin James, CEO of Hostile Control Tactics.