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The vehicle is currently the world's only rear-wheel-drive sports car equipped with a horizontally opposed engine (concept vehicle), and features a combination of core rear-wheel-drive sports car technologies TMC has developed and horizontally opposed engine and other technologies that Subaru is renowned for.
Initially, Younghwa's door looks unremarkable but, in an emergency, it can swivel horizontally on a central pivot a little less than a metre above the ground.
Other researchers have determined how quickly some of those faults are slipping horizontally, but not how quickly they are slipping vertically.
Although initial expectations were to drill to depths beyond 10,000 feet and horizontally 1,500 feet, the well started to flow at 700 feet horizontally resulting in a 15 to 20 foot gas flare.
This will stretch X2, X5, and X3 both vertically and horizontally, weakening the support defense for X4.
Participants were told to pay attention only to vertically aligned pairs on half the trials and only to horizontally aligned pairs on the rest.
Hang wallpaper horizontally around centre of walls for contemporary look
Aircraft are supposed to be separated vertically by 1,000 feet and horizontally by five nautical miles at that altitude.
It applies to any commercial building owner who is trying to expand horizontally.
Click on 66 and, following a brief period, measured by a horizontally sliding bar mapping loading time, up pops a Golden Section box with a square image of this New York restaurant on the left and the explanatory text in sans serif on the right.
The chorda tympani is seen horizontally, extending from near the short process of the malleus to the bone inferior to the posterior fracture.
Historically memory has been installed horizontally on two riser cards," explained Jeff Goldenbaum, Dataram's Product Manager.