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The steamer features a SmartFlow heated plate which helps to press the fabric while steaming horizontally. Thankfully, this heat is regulated, meaning the plate is safe for all fabrics and prevents wet spots.
To investigate potential effects of bass-holding methods, a study was recently conducted using Florida largemouthbass* Researchers determined differences in bass recovery time, feeding behavior, and mortality after bass were held in three different ways: 1) using a lip-gripping device while fish is held vertically, 2) one-handed grip holding only the lower jaw while fish is held horizontally, and 3) two-handed support under the body and lower jaw while fish is held horizontally.
Unlike the conventional vertically placed engines, the horizontally placed flat engines are a self deterrent to vibrations due to the movement of the horizontally placed, counter-positioned pistons cancelling out each other's action reaction by obeying Newton's third law and provide excellent fuel economy due to the linear flow of power to the transmission.
The new, steel Roll Raptor can easily suspend rolled material horizontally between adjustable end panels.
The 298 Tritium Trayshrink Packer boasts a wealth of new features, including a horizontally loaded tray blank magazine, a consistent low pressure in-feed, and a slide out film bed.
And while it's tempting to roll Lap siding horizontally, always roll in an up-and-down motion.
The adoption of horizontally polarized diversity antennas with beam tilt is another method to reduce the CCI further.
Porsche AG (Xetra: POR3), a France-based automaker, is planning to develop a horizontally opposed eight-cylinder engine.
The two companies are combining their core technologies with the aim of creating the world's only sports car with a compact, rear-wheel drive layout and horizontally opposed engine, that embodies the joy of driving and the pleasure of ownership - the fundamental appeal of motor vehicles.
Initially, Younghwa's door looks unremarkable but, in an emergency, it can swivel horizontally on a central pivot a little less than a metre above the ground.
Start by planting a maiden tree against wires stretched horizontally at 60cm (2ft) intervals.
The TKF continuous vertical conveyor accepts loads horizontally, conveys them vertically and discharges horizontally in a continuous non-stop operation with loading and unloading in a Z pattern.