horizontal spread

Horizontal spread

The simultaneous purchase and sale of two options that differ only in their expiration dates.

Time Spread

An options strategy in which an investor takes the same position in two different option contracts that are identical in every way except the expiration date. For example, an investor utilizing a time spread strategy may buy or write two puts on the same underlying asset at the same strike price; the only difference is that one of the puts has a longer expiration. A time spread allows the investor to profit from the difference in price on the underlying asset between the two expiration dates. It is also called a horizontal spread and a calendar spread.

horizontal spread

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The horizontal spread is likely to prove the "most significant" for practical weather modification, two scientists reported.
The coves also house a different 2,700K luminaire with a horizontal spread lens that directs warm white light onto the center of the barrel-vaulted ceiling, evenly lighting the sky-blue paint and gilded decorative trim on the ceiling.
These controls will also contribute to widening open areas in the district to attract investors according to strategic planning policies that aim to raise architectural density on the axis of main traffic and activity areas in the city and curb the horizontal spread of the city.
The compliance by non-nuclear-weapon States with their commitment to non-proliferation has greatly enabled the NPT to prevent the horizontal spread of nuclear weapons.
Knowing they needed to contain the plant's horizontal spread, Mitchell and Massa decided to force it to grow vertically.
Strong growth areas include telecom, airline, banking and e-government and we expect to grow with more horizontal spread within these sectors in the coming year too.
Their horizontal spread makes them cumbersome to carry in vertical woods.
The rotation and the horizontal spread of reservation through this bill will create millions of women activists who will join various political parties in the 15- year span of reservation," Jaitley said.
Horizontal extent of the invasive carcinoma only needs to be measured in cases in which the tumor depth is 5 mm or less because once the tumor invades greater than 5 mm, it is stage IB regardless of the extent of horizontal spread.
300 Win Mag) showed substantial horizontal spread not attributable to range conditions.
When it comes to flowering and longevity, the hormonal balance of ivy geraniums favors vertical growth, whether up or down, as opposed to the horizontal spread they assume in a planter bed.