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This study highlighted the existence of an excessively divided and pyramidal labour structure, which exhibited a gender-based vertical and horizontal segregation.
On the other hand, in terms of horizontal segregation, the growing presence of women in the advertising sector is not distributed evenly across the different departments of the agencies.
Participants also tackled the issue of quotas establishing the presence of women board directors of companies, which would represent a final alternative to eliminate horizontal segregation' [i.e.
External or horizontal segregation is the tendency for men and women to be in different types of occupations, for example, accountant versus a waitress.
As the flow's upper crust grows downward, horizontal segregation veins form at regular intervals reflecting tearing of crystal mush at the bottom of the crust (Helz, 1987).
Dr Muir suggests there is a horizontal segregation in professions which could also explain why women are perceived to be part of failing companies.
It will also elucidate the current role and experience of women in the local workforce highlighting areas of vertical and horizontal segregation. The existence of a gender pay gap means that women will earn less than men in their lifetime due to lack of opportunity as opposed to lack of ability and this needs to be addressed
elimination of horizontal segregation, especially by combating stereotypes in education and the media; and 5.
The competition, which was promoted last year, aims to promote equality for companies, taking into account the inequalities detected by the White Paper on equality in relation to the wage gap and vertical and horizontal segregation at work.
This is used by staff and managers with vertical and horizontal segregation, the
Horizontal segregation occurs where stereotyped assumptions about male and female capabilities and preferences concentrate women into predominantly "female" occupations (and men into "male" occupations).
Patterns of Participation--Vertical and Horizontal Segregation