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At this time, the bird was anesthetized and the open wound in the pectoral muscle was debrided and closed with a horizontal mattress suture. Concentrations of ALT (2.4 [micro]kat/ L [145 U/L]) and creatinine phosphokinase (12.6 [micro]kat/L [756 U/L]) were considerably lower than previous values but were still slightly increased.
Subcutaneous tissue was closed routinely and the skin was closed by horizontal mattress suture pattern using Polyamide suture no.
The two edges of skin was apposed with horizontal mattress suture pattern using silk suture.
The skin incision was closed with through and through horizontal mattress suture pattern parallel to ear veins with 2/0 synthetic polyamide for two days.
The ruptured abdominal muscles along the edges of hernial ring were located and polypropylene mesh was sutured by sublay pre-peritoneal technique to muscles using Vicryl # 2-0 in horizontal mattress suture pattern (Fig.
Skin was sutured applying horizontal mattress suture using nonabsorbable cotton thread.
But he began with prevention, noting that more than 2 decades ago he and his coinvestigators demonstrated that running horizontal mattress sutures for primary closures of facial wounds provide better cosmetic results, with a final scar that's smoother and flatter than the more commonly used simple running sutures (Dermatol Surg.
The vaginal incision was closed with horizontal mattress sutures of 2-0 Vicryl.

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