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In conclusion, eight variables (entry type, horizontal integration, genre, original content programming, in-house production programming, HDTV content programming, cable TV carry, satellite TV carry, and DMB carry) were selected as the final variables that affected the survival of a PP channel.
Another example of horizontal integration would be when a CMO leverages knowledge of a distinct technology into a product form that utilizes the same distinct technology as well as an additional technology.
Two issues face rural schools when extending e-learning (that underpins horizontal integration) to vertical integration that promotes community e-living.
When Hammernick's employment with TEKsystems ended, she joined Horizontal Integration Inc., another IT staffing firm.
Hsiao stressed the profound significance for the cooperation between Kaohsiung and Xiamen Harbor, as well as that between Kaohsiung free trade zone and Haitsang bonded zone, saying that it will contribute to the vertical or horizontal integration between industries in southern Taiwan and the "west Taiwan-Strait" economic zone in Fujian, thereby enhancing overall industrial competitiveness of both sides.
Depa said it continues to pursue its long-term strategy of vertical and horizontal integration and will continue to acquire and invest in companies strategically related to its own.
Put differently, if a distinction is made among FDIs meant to serve horizontal integration purposes (typically a market-seeking motivation), vertical integration purposes (typically natural resource-seeking and efficiency-seeking motivations) and diversification purposes (often motivated by--or at least associated with--a strategic asset-seeking motivation), there is no reason to assume that a given level of M resulting from these three different FDI types would be associated with the same expected P in each case.
As a vote of confidence in the region's long-term business potential, BDC Holdings revealed that it has rolled out plans to expand its core businesses through a series of strategic vertical and horizontal integration of businesses across the retail, hospitality, communication, real estate and other service sectors.
"Vertical integration must be complemented by horizontal integration. And we are very serious about this matter," assured Habib Ben Yahia, the secretary-general of the AMU.
The fourth session started with a paper by Professor Jean-Charles Rochet on "Some Economics of Horizontal Integration in the Payments Industry." Rochet reviewed the general principles of horizontal integration in traditional economic analysis and argued that the analysis must be amended to take care of the special network effect in the two-sided payments industry.
A key element of this relationship is the reliance on SAP xMII to concurrently drive the vertical integration of manufacturing processes into the business application layer (top-floor to shop-floor integration), and the horizontal integration of MES within the supply chain of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

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