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Other lattice cells at the positions of the horizontal beam tubes, rotary specimen rack, and the interface regions were not calculated using the PIJ code, but the compositions (air, water, aluminum, and graphite) were homogenized and inputted in the full-core model.
On Monday, builders placed a steel horizontal beam at a height of about 387 metres, topping by about six metres the rooftop of the observation deck of the Empire State Building, around three miles north.
What lets the CR-Z down are rear seats with little leg space and a frustrating horizontal beam separating the two rear windscreens, which obstructs vision.
There will be three treatment rooms, two with rotating gantry systems and one with a fixed horizontal beam. The installed PBT system will be a compact design with a foot print that is approximately 40 percent smaller than that of conventional systems.
Innovative horizontal beam construction in the mattress prevents sagging and provides better lumbar support.
Firstly, most of the commonly-found stone is soft, porous and not good as a horizontal beam. That's why stone walls are so thick to carry the load and resist penetrating damp.
The front shelf beam is split into two separate, curved beams that attach to the rear horizontal beam, creating an opening for access to cartons on 48 x 40-inch pallets.
Mr Morgan was standing on a horizontal beam to guide the pile into position, when his foot became trapped between the sheet and the beam, injuring his left foot so seriously he later had it amputated.
Metal guardrails, consisting of [SIGMA]-shape metal posts and a protective W-shape horizontal beam (see Fig.
The system uses the robotic patient positioning system coupled with a fixed horizontal beam line.
Engineering technology of electronic-beam welding horizontal beam heavy carcass details from steel and titanium alloy, Moscow, number page (16)

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