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For instance, blue, flag, greenblotched, halfbanded, pinkrose, squarespot, and vermilion rockfishes, and bocaccio were all significantly less abundant in areas with either no horizontal beam or where that structure was not well exposed (exposures 0 and 1).
B]--vertical reaction on horizontal beam, L--horizontal span, [summation] [M.
Across the entire industry, manufacturers not only of cabinets but also of furniture, fixtures and other wood products are reaping the benefits of new horizontal beam saw technology.
On the basis of calculating needle dwell time and the amount of the web advance that would take place during this dwell time, the correct horizontal beam stroke can be identified.
Additionally, the Super HD Digital Radar's unique processing algorithms reduce the digital radar's horizontal beam by electronically increasing width and boosting the radar antenna size to deliver unprecedented detail and target separation, resulting in an incredibly precise display of radar targets and land mass shapes.
4), was applied as a distributed load on 80% of the beam length (laterally, on one side, on the superior horizontal beam, parallel to the longitudinal axis of the cabin).
Unlike traditional horizontal beam saws that have a pusher equipped with multiple grippers in fixed positions to accommodate complex cutting patterns, the PM System employs two types of optimized, self-positioning grippers.
This apparent contradiction is resolved once it is seen that this is really a cross - the vertical part of it represents life and the horizontal beam stands for death.
In the photo at right, Floriberto Pasqual, top, and Mike Cole work on opposite girders as they maneuver a horizontal beam into place.
Division into 3 lots Lot 1 ceiling supply units as the horizontal beam systems,Lot 2 ceiling supply units, swivel and height-adjustable, some with surgical lighting system,Lot 3 ceiling supply units, swivel.
What lets the CR-Z down are tiny rear seats with such little leg space they are useless even for kids and a frustrating horizontal beam separating the two rear windscreens which obstructs vision.

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