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TUC North East Regional Secretary Beth Farhat said: "These figures show how hundreds of thousands of people in the region have embraced homeworking.
Homeworking is seen as one of the new business cultures for QS firms to execute and presume to survive in construction industry.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also a key board concern, and homeworking is one way that organisations can make a contribution to the employment prospects of, for example, disabled people as well as provide work for other disadvantaged groups.
There are reportedly three main types of scam homeworking scheme.
Kwik-Fit Financial Services offer a range of flexible working benefits including compressed hours, job share and homeworking, as well as the ability to buy extra holidays and a generous maternity package.
An alliance of the TUC, Oxfam, and the National Group on Homeworking wants all existing employment rights to be extended to homeworkers, agency and casual workers.
According to details in the Official Journal of the European Union, it includes the new debating chamber and 'furniture for homeworking'.
The Midland bosses behind one of the biggest ever UK homeworking scams could face huge confiscation orders.
Even now, though, many companies are still reluctant to encourage homeworking for a variety of reasons: the sense that staff would not work as hard; the fear that teamwork would suffer; the increased difficulty in directing and managing staff; problems of staff evaluation; and the cost associated with ensuring that remote employees were properly equipped to do their jobs.
The literature on homeworking has addressed the problems in two ways.
As a result, a request for homeworking is likely to be treated by the tribunals in the same way as a request for part-time work and, therefore, an employer must be able to show any requirement to attend the workplace to be objectively justified.
They use data from the Spring 1998 LFS and from aggregated data from four quarterly surveys to address questions about homeworkers' reliance on information technology (ICTs), the link between homeworking and absolute and relative low pay, gender and ethnicity in homeworking and the extent of childcare amongst homeworkers.