homeowner's insurance policy

Homeowner's insurance policy

An insurance policy protecting a homeowner against damage or loss to property.
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Homeowner's Insurance

Insurance that the buyer of a private residence purchases providing coverage for most damage to the residence. Typically, homeowner's insurance covers damage from fire, deliberate or accidental destruction of the home by a person, and other, similar matters. Nearly all homeowner's insurance policies exclude acts of God like earthquakes and floods from coverage, though one may buy supplementary policies to cover these eventualities.
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homeowner's insurance policy

An insurance policy tailored for most homeowners with a package of coverages and endorsements designed to address most risks. Usually includes coverage for the main structure, a certain percentage of that in additional coverage for outbuildings, a certain percentage of additional coverage for contents, reimbursement for rental expenses and cleanup costs in the event of significant loss, and liability coverage in case anyone else is injured on the property as a result of a condition or defect of the property.

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In September, the Fourth DCA sided with insurer Ark Royal, finding that a homeowner's insurance policy may con of other insureds and the mortgagees before a valid assignment of benefits may be made.
Coverage for these perils can be added to your homeowner's insurance policy for additional premium.
"This suit arises out of a 2017 fire at the home of Plaintiff Wenda Aquino, for which Aquino sought payments under her homeowner's insurance policy issued to her by Defendant United Property & Casualty Insurance Company ('UPC').
I have no plans to sell the gun, but would like to add the approximate value to my homeowner's insurance policy.
The second line of defense, he added, is a broadly written homeowner's insurance policy with high financial limits.
Conley's home was insured through a homeowner's insurance policy issued by Kentucky Farm Bureau.
Frank and Tracey Reynolds (the Reynolds) owned a home in Florida and had a homeowner's insurance policy with HomeWise Preferred Insurance Company.
A state official said, 'With severe weather in the forecast, it's a good time to review your homeowner's insurance policy, since standard homeowner policies do not cover hurricane and flood damage.
USAA's homeowner's insurance policy provided coverage for bodily injury caused by an: occurrence.
The first alert involves the company HomeServe, also known as HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp., which has been contacting customers around the country to convince them that their homeowner's insurance policy doesn't cover repairs to water service lines.

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