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A period of time during which one ordinarily would work but does not, normally to engage in some pleasure. One may spend a vacation traveling, relaxing or simply organizing one's personal life. Many companies offer paid vacation time to employees after a certain period of employment. Some jurisdictions require paid vacations.


A day set apart for commemorating an important event.The term is used often in contracts and leases when computing time,as when a certain number of days are allowed for an action, but if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday,it will be the next business day.Leases,in particular,limit delivery of certain services,such as heating and air conditioning,on weekends and holidays. The better practice is for the contract or lease to define the holidays meant by it.In the absence of such a definition, holidays will usually include federal holidays, when federal offices are closed, and may include state holidays when state offices are closed,if different.

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precepts also included a pledge to contribute to the financial support of one's pastor--which has since been replaced by the echo-precept to keep the holy days.
And just as God considered the seventh day to be a holy day because it was his day of rest, so Man, with his creative mind, began to pin thoughts about creation, heaven and earth, night and day onto the days of the week and months of the year.
The Rev Richard Taylor, vicar of St Cuthbert's and chairman of Churches Together in Blyth, had pressed to retain the sanctity of the holy day.
Although the cobblers in this scene must beg a new holy day of the emperor, elsewhere they show no hesitation about creating a new saint and, implicitly, a new saint's day for themselves.
His dad, Shahram, aged 37, said: "The Baha'i New Year is a holy day for us and is the first day of spring, which is a symbol of the rebirth of nature.
Congregation Beth Israel, the Valley's oldest Reform Synagogue, today announced that it will host its third annual Community High Holy Day Services this year.
Talking in a meeting with religious leaders here on Tuesday to review security arrangements for peaceful observance of the holy day, the District Police Officer (DPO) Raja Abdul Saboor Khan said that stringent measures have been taken to provide foolproof security to the procession on the occasion.
The blast ripped through a crowd of Shiite worshipers marking the holy day of Ashura at a shrine in the capital.
Time Topic Mass service officiated by Archbishop Guy Boulos Nujeim at Saint Maroun Church in Jeita 09:30 Tripoli Maronite Archbishop George Abu Jaoude to receive well wishes on Saint Maroun holy day occasion, at the Maronite Bishopric in Tripoli 11:00 Upon an invitation from Archbisop Boulos Matar, mass service to be officiated by Maronite Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir on the occasion of Saint Maroun Day, at Saint Georges Cathedral
CDATA[ Nine opponents to Ahmadinejad were killed Sunday during Muslim holy day protests.
Previously, the congregation had to gather at South Eugene High School, the McDonald Theatre or other locations to have enough room for everyone during the High Holy Day services.
Knowledgeably compiled and expertly edited by Rabbi Elkins, "Rosh Hashanah Readings: Inspiration, Information And Contemplation" is a collection of selections that are specifically designed to renew the meaning of the High Holy Day themes of sin, repentance, personal and social change, societal justice, forgiveness, spiritual grow, living with joy and hope, commitment to high ideals, and more.