holographic will

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Holographic Will

A handwritten will. A holographic will is often not on file with a lawyer or court and may have been written in haste. Holographic wills are valid, but in most jurisdictions must be witnessed to prove their validity. Some jurisdictions allow handwriting to be used to prove the identity of a testator.

holographic will

A will written by the testator's hand but bearing no witness signatures.Regular wills must be witnessed,and the testator and all witnesses must sign in the presence of each other; otherwise the will is void.The holographic will is an exception recognized by some states.Contrast with nuncupative will, which is an oral will made shortly before death before witnesses and later reduced to writing by them.

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Expert witnesses could compare the handwriting found in a holographic will with other documents shown to have been penned in the testator's hand.
Holographic wills and wills drawn up with the assistance of professional experts such as lawyers and clerics were made at times when the testator had leisure for long and careful consideration.
Stay away from handwritten or holographic wills since courts often question their reliability.