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A period of time during which one ordinarily would work but does not, normally to engage in some pleasure. One may spend a vacation traveling, relaxing or simply organizing one's personal life. Many companies offer paid vacation time to employees after a certain period of employment. Some jurisdictions require paid vacations.


A day set apart for commemorating an important event.The term is used often in contracts and leases when computing time,as when a certain number of days are allowed for an action, but if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday,it will be the next business day.Leases,in particular,limit delivery of certain services,such as heating and air conditioning,on weekends and holidays. The better practice is for the contract or lease to define the holidays meant by it.In the absence of such a definition, holidays will usually include federal holidays, when federal offices are closed, and may include state holidays when state offices are closed,if different.

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This sort of thing was alvays going on, and on holidays one disregarded it as a matter of course.
Marlow had made their acquaintance one summer in the country, where they were accustomed to take a cottage for the holidays .
He found, however, that all the under servants had been given a holiday ashore by the autocrat Paul, and that only the sombre Mrs.
Well, well, I've done what I can to make you; and if you will go gadding over half Europe now, every holidays, I can't help it.
They are busy early and late, sir, early and late; and in bye-times, as on this holiday, they go to book-learning.
He was a tall youth now, carrying himself without the least awkwardness, and speaking without more shyness than was a becoming symptom of blended diffidence and pride; he wore his tail-coat and his stand-up collars, and watched the down on his lip with eager impatience, looking every day at his virgin razor, with which he had provided himself in the last holidays.
I suppose your Midsummer holidays commence in June, the same as other people's; therefore you cannot plead want of time; and you must and shall come--in fact, I shall die if you don't.
Anne was lonely; Diana, during the whole of the holidays, was imprisoned at home with a bad attack of bronchitis.
Saga's wins included Best All-Inclusive Holiday Company, Best Singles Holiday Company, Best Special Interest Holiday Company and Best Escorted Adventure Holiday company, plus three cruise awards.
Jrue Holiday stepped to the line and hit one of two free throws to make it 73-71 with 10 seconds left.
In addition to its landmark InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, and meetings-oriented Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts, IHG has more than doubled its Holiday Inn portfolio since 1998 to 23 properties, and expects to double its mid-market offerings again in the next five years.
Merry Christmas is the latest addition to a wave of work on the American holiday, which, in the last ten years alone, includes monographs by Stephen Nissenbaum, Penne Restad, and William Waits, as well as chapter-length treatments in books on holidays by Elizabeth Pleck and Eric Leigh Schmidt (not to mention any number of journal articles).