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A homeowner (often the only one) who refuses to sell to make way for a new development. For example, if a company attempts to buy all the houses in a neighborhood to make way for a shopping center, a holdout is the one who does not sell. Holdouts can force the buyer to abandon or redesign the project.


A property owner who refuses to sell to a developer who is purchasing a number of separate parcels in order to put them together—an assemblage—for development. Sometimes the practice results in an offer vastly in excess of market price,because the holdout controls the success of the entire project.Other times, developers go back to the drawing board and redesign the project, leaving the holdout with no offer at all and what could turn into very unpleasant living conditions due to being surrounded by parking lots and 24-hour high-intensity lighting.Developers often avoid the problem by purchasing options rather than properties,so that if a critical property owner refuses to sell,the developer can abandon the entire project with a minimal expenditure.

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A group of 11 families was given a deadline of December 22 to accept compensation or leave empty-handed, though the deadline passed with no takers as holdouts continued to squat in a dilapidated building at Borei Keila.
envoy informed him that Washington would exert efforts to make the holdout opposition join the national document, saying the general secretariat is currently preparing its final report and would submit it to the dialogue coordination committee known as 7+7.
With the new government coming to terms with the holdouts, Argentina's time in default is coming to an end, and the country will soon be free - or so it would seem.
But discovering its access to international capital markets blocked by the courts conclusion, the new government of President Mauricio Macri has nailed down deals with the hedge fund holdouts and different bondholders.
The populations in the holdout counties range from 86 people in Loving County to 8,199 in Hamilton County.
Calls to the other leading holdout, NML Capital, a unit of Elliot Management Corp, were not immediately returned.
Argentina was ordered by Griesa in 2012 to pay holdouts, who did not participate in the debt exchange, $1.
Argentina does not recognize the private holdout debt in its
upholding the right of holdout creditors to be paid in full on
The ruling is the latest development in a litigation saga that has lasted more than ten years and now appears to be favoring holdout bond investors such as Elliot Management Corp's NML Capital Ltd and Aurelius Capital Management.
Training sample and holdout sample test results for the baseline accrual-based neural network model are summarized in Table 4.
Keith Alderfer, associate scientist, The Dow Chemical Company, and member of the ASTM committee, says that enamel holdout is an important attribute of an architectural primer.