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A homeowner (often the only one) who refuses to sell to make way for a new development. For example, if a company attempts to buy all the houses in a neighborhood to make way for a shopping center, a holdout is the one who does not sell. Holdouts can force the buyer to abandon or redesign the project.


A property owner who refuses to sell to a developer who is purchasing a number of separate parcels in order to put them together—an assemblage—for development. Sometimes the practice results in an offer vastly in excess of market price,because the holdout controls the success of the entire project.Other times, developers go back to the drawing board and redesign the project, leaving the holdout with no offer at all and what could turn into very unpleasant living conditions due to being surrounded by parking lots and 24-hour high-intensity lighting.Developers often avoid the problem by purchasing options rather than properties,so that if a critical property owner refuses to sell,the developer can abandon the entire project with a minimal expenditure.

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The populations in the holdout counties range from 86 people in Loving County to 8,199 in Hamilton County.
Griesa's order says Argentina cannot pay exchange bondholders without also paying the holdouts at the same time under the pari passu, or equal treatment, clause in the original bond contract.
However, he concluded this was not possible given comments from Argentine officials, including President Cristina Kirchner, that Argentina would not pay anything to the holdout bondholders.
Because of considerations like these, Miceli ultimately argues for "a balanced approach to public use under which courts would treat the holdout problem as a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition for extending the power of eminent domain to private parties" (p.
Difficulties associated with estimating these parameters using field data complicate the identification and measurement of holdout behavior, and for this reason previous research on the land-assembly problem has been primarily theoretical.
Barone has made a good first cut in making the distinction between Hard and Soft America, but one would have to go deeper to understand the chief holdout against a hard America, American public education.
Japan, Russia, China, Greece, and Turkey were among the holdouts.
Lastly, this study finds that it is particularly important to validate results on a time-series holdout sample because a naive model produces the lowest expected cost of misclassification for some cost ratios only in the holdout samples.
It can try to negotiate some sort of payment terms with the holdout bond holders, or it can default on all of its foreign debt.
com, encourages customers to turn in their pizza holdout friends in exchange for delicious rewards.
Corporate America seems to be moving in one direction, and [ExxonMobil] is not," he says, noting that the majority of Fortune 500 companies now have policies that protect gay men and lesbians from discrimination, including the corporate parent of Cracker Barrel restaurant, a longtime holdout.