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)The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has said in a new notification that any and all critics that would be appearing on television to present a review of any of Shan Shaahid's movies shall have to be pre-approved by Shan Shaahid."Their expertise on the repository of art and wisdom that Shan Shaahid might be found wanting and this lack of knowledge may only spread confusion in the minds of the viewers, so the critics have to be evaluated and certified before holding forth their views," read the notification.
The Ago Amodu people spoke with a common voice through their chiefs who are holding forth after the demise their king, Oba Adebowale Alao.
This is serious stuff even without the 'me too' brigade holding forth.
And Sardar Assef didn't need to have to answer questions about this crime, in addition to holding forth on marriage proposals.
When cars are introduced to the media at auto shows, the general approach, although one that changes with varying levels of the proverbial smoke and mirrors of show business, is to have the vehicle on stage under a sheet, an executive holding forth about it, and then, voila!, the vehicle is revealed as the sheet is pulled away.
On the other hand, a range of new talkers like Andy Cohen, Jenny McCarthy and Sandra Bernhard are now holding forth at the Sirius stable, and it's also about to add a real-time radio news service, updated at 10-minute intervals (news also is said to be out of the mainstream for the young demo).
Instead of mimicking the several spirited back- and- forth that the festival witnessed in the past years -- Richard Dawkins holding forth the year Salman Rushdie was unable to come being the most memorable of the lot -- the session, instead, turned into an opportunity for the politically- involved panelists to rouse their troops.
We would gather at Sheep's Green, a spot by the river in Cambridge and Storm would always be there holding forth, making the most noise, bursting with ideas and enthusiasm.
The main characters spend a great deal of time in transit, looking for themselves and each other, all the while holding forth in quasi-Randian style about their ideologies, which center around the exciting, accelerating technological future.