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Cooper returns with a sweeping novel about a multigenerational family, set in a town called "Place," where neighbors are people of all colors, holding fast to their dreams of a better life.
The author's navigated rough times in her life, including dealing with unemployment and breast cancer, by holding fast to the words of Jesus and reflecting on his love, and the suffering he endured for all of humankind.
Ryn's penetrating book helps us to discern utopian-ideological ideas that distract the person from making critical distinctions and holding fast to time-tested, time-honored definitions.
McDonald's is holding fast to plans to add about 1,500 new units this year, most outside the United States.
Outside, the white constructions of the snow, building at different speeds, falling from different heights, replaced the shapes of things with ghosts: her snow-covered hands holding fast to the fear that she was alone and without death would end up one of those women on the street who in weather sleeps in cars.