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The condition significantly affected hireability ratings (F(1, 90) = 75.70, p < .001, partial [[eta].sup.2] = .46), where an inspection of the mean scores indicated that the applicant who exhibited depressed behaviors was rated as less hireable than the applicant who did not exhibit such behaviors.
These include shedding 957 jobs since last July, or 17% of the workforce; closing 82 depots (17%); returning 470 vehicles (15% of the fleet) to lessors or selling them; slashing capital investment in the second half of the year by 60% to pounds 22m and disposing of pounds 30mworth (9%) of its under-used hireable assets.
And so do I--not because it's a classic of how not to manage a website--which it is--but because it raises the question of how architectural web sites can be lots of fun and keep surfers admiring the professional (aka hireable) qualities of the practice.
This led to a new generation of thermal imaging cameras that were much smaller, lightweight and offering greater image resolution, and improved ease-of-use, therefore becoming more hireable. The older scanning type systems were much larger, heavier and cumbersome making it impractical to be shipped out on couriers to various customer sites.
629, 640 (1998) (finding that "women (but not men) found the self-promoting woman less competent, less socially attractive, and subsequently less hireable than the self-promoting man" and that women "uniformly selected" the man as their partner for a future knowledge-based task and reacted more favorably to the male's statements); Laurie A.
But if you can come in with some of those specialties in your background, in addition to fulfilling a general management role, you're much more hireable in today's marketplace, maybe 40 percent more."
New York, May 1 ( ANI ): A new male-escort service offers up "hireable hunks" to serve as handymen, arm candy and sexy task rabbits, who will help around with the daily chores around the house.