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Winner of ForeWord's quarterly contest for debut fiction authors, Nicole Dixon's High-Water Mark takes on Alice Munro territory -- not just in the geographical setting of Canada, but also in the thematic sense of secrets rattling around like something loose on a car.
Ms Swinburne said: "This package must be seen as the high-water mark of European financial supervision and not the first step towards handing over these powers to Brussels."
The November 1 release of the album - seen as a high-water mark of his post-Beatles years, featuring songs such as Jet and the title track - will feature lavish packaging.
The 497 regional orders secured in 2007 represented the high-water mark of the last boom - and the largest tally since the start of the decade - as the turboprop revival combined with strong demand for large regional jets to drive sales upwards.
Though considerably higher than the 7.2 msf, or 22% of availabilities, in July 2008, the current sublease level is still far below the high-water mark of 14.8 msf, or 44 percent, that followed the combined effects of the dot-com bust and September 11, 2001.
Eugene's newest bank set a new high-water mark for itself in 2007.
George Pickett was brutally repulsed and "Pickett's Charge" became known as the high-water mark of the Confederacy.
Hofstadter's efforts to combat obscurantism reached their high-water mark in his book Anti-Intellectualism in American Life.
That was a 2 percent increase over 2003, but still far from the industry's high-water mark of $3.4 billion in 2001.
How high above sea level is the Mississippi River's average high-water mark?
If recent history is any indication, Walsh said he knows DAV recruiters and NSOs won't be satisfied with this new high-water mark.
Soon antigay activists and politicians were involved, and the ensuing legal battle became what has since been described as a high-water mark for gay and lesbian inequality.