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"A kite fell on the high-tension wire that passed adjacent to his house.
Addressing Mansourieh residents Saturday evening on the high-tension project, Sayegh said "a handful of locals" had been confronting around 600 members of the Internal Security Forces, tasked with ensuring that the controversial project is completed over the objections of residents.
"The contractor expects the electricity company would take necessary steps to move the high-tension lines," said Saeed Bafehaid, director of bridge and tunnel projects at the Jeddah municipality, said in a statement recently.
Under a first phase running until 2012, the consortium would carry out feasibility studies for laying a huge network of high-tension, undersea power lines.
After locating the high-tension problems, Ashworth Factory Service provided solutions to save the processors from unexpected breakdowns.
The third project aims to connect Malawi and Mozambique via a high-tension power line with a transmission capacity of between 50 and 100MW.
The resilient, high-tension coil inserts are installed with Kato hand, air-driven or electric tools, which feature a special head that grips and drives the insert.
Perceiving that he was rapidly closing on the spheres, he pushed forward on the control stick while in a right angle of bank in an attempt to avoid the high-tension cables on which the spheres were mounted.
It covers wire, rail, electric, high-tension, temporary, woven, and snow fences; gates, trellises, conversions, suppliers and more.
When a third muscle contracts, the high-tension claw slams shut.
An attempt to lift the wheel four weeks ago had to be postponed when a high-tension cable attached to the rim of the wheel slipped.
Even the "temporarily abled" among us find the stress of today's high-tension life provides enough irritation to keep our emotional pots at a high simmer.
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