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The SOG also recovered explosives, ammunitions and the arms looted from police post Ambela back in 2009 from their hide outs located at Elum Ghar.
He said that terrorists have been deprived of their hide outs, training camps and infrastructure and now their remnants are attacking soft targets like educational institutions, public places and recreation areas.
Police have registered First Information Report (FIR) and are raiding different hide outs to arrest the killers.
Responding to a question, the FO official ruled out any possibility of "hot pursuits" inside Afghanistan against Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan hide outs.
General Raheel Sharif directed to commence forthwith the last phase of Operation in North Waziristan which aims at clearing the remnants of terrorists from their hide outs in deeply forested ravines, isolate them and indiscriminately sever their links with their abettors anywhere across the country.