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Including a hidden reserve lowers the number of bids by about two bids.
Hidden Reserve and Solerina's half-sister Fair Ina both made big impressions when fighting out the finish of the mares' bumper
He vowed that under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Pakistan will be made a developed and prosperous country by utilizing these hidden reserves and will achieve a dignified status in the international community.
Estimated net known reserves in the disputed fields are a modest 92 million barrels of oil equivalent, but both sides have pursued the issue because there may be larger hidden reserves.
But Gebrselassie, his face twisted in pain, found hidden reserves and with another injection of pace, finally got clear to win in 2hrs 6mins 9secs and scoop $250,000.
Either Mars has hidden reserves of carbon-dioxide ice that can supply large amounts of carbon-dioxide gas into the atmosphere during warm periods of more recent climate cycles, or Block Island fell billions of years ago," he added.
Hidden reserves Experts consider that Libyan oil and gas reserves are considerably higher than the officially listed figure of 41.
But you might do better to look inward, at those hidden reserves of energy and resources within yourself, which could be harnessed in any such crisis.
Henderson uses the term "no seeums" in describing the hidden reserves of copper, PGM's (platinum group metals) and other minerals existing in their properties that are not easily visible to the eye.
The good news is most new parents discover hidden reserves of strength and patience they didn't know they had.
The game appeared up for Australia when all-rounder Ian Harvey was run out in the 31st over --but yet again they were able to draw on the hidden reserves for which they have become renowned.
But, fortunately, ongoing work is revealing that "a vast number of people who might once have been considered vegetative actually have hidden reserves of mental activity.