hidden load

Hidden load

A sales charge that is not explicitly disclosed or is buried in the fine print of a mutual fund prospectus or life insurance policy and therefore is not immediately apparent.

Hidden Load

A loan or sales charge for purchasing shares in a mutual fund that is not obviously stated in the fund's prospectus. Colloquially, it may also refer to a 12b-1 fee.

hidden load

A mutual fund sales fee that is not readily apparent to investors. The term generally applies to an annual 12b-1 fee that is charged by many mutual funds.
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From my side, it's very simple - the washing machine I'm carrying symbolises the heavy hidden load many people carry and stay quiet.
If you have a Santander, RBS, NatWest, Halifax or Lloyds card, then not only do they add a hidden load to the exchange rate, they also charge a fee of between PS1 and PS1.
Mechanical engineers such as me call this the hidden load or the latent load (as in latent defect or hidden defect), and our heads explode when we try to explain this problem to the indoor air crazies who think that only dilution is the solution to indoor pollution.