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STATUS: Occasional during the bloom period of the larval food plant (November-March) in open shrubby sites, along roadsides, in grove and hedge margins and scrubby habitats.
STATUS: Occasional to abundant in low sunlit vegetation near grove and hedge margins, in shaded tree understories and open scrubby sites.
STATUS: Occasional to abundant in shaded shrubby sites and grove and hedge margins. This species occurs as a resident and can be more abundant during the dry season.
STATUS: Uncommon along shady grove, hedge margins and pastures.
STATUS: Often abundant in shady groves, along hedge margins, in pastures, scrubby sites and in the gardens of the main grounds.
STATUS: Occasional in banana plantations, groves and along shady hedge margins. Adults have been seen taking pauses in suitable sites or attracted to overripe bananas but passing individuals in flight are mostly seen.
STATUS: Abundant along roadsides and hedge margins, in pastures, groves and on the main grounds.