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A measure of area of land. A hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters. It traces its origins to the French revolutionary government. It is often used in real estate transactions. See also: Acre.
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A land measurement under the metric system,equal to 10,000 square meters,or roughly 2.471 acres.

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When the investment ranges between Rwf 800 million and Rwf 1 billion, he/she will be allowed to build on a hectare and 1.5 hectare when the investment is over Rwf 1 billion in rural areas.
The wheat sowing in Sindh Province during same period of last year was sown on 1.1500 million hectares of land, he added.
Similarly, rice production also didn't show any sign of water crisis (the crop requires the highest amount of water for cultivation) as the yield per hectare went up to 2,569kg in 2017-18, from 2,422kg per hectare in 2014-15 an increase of 147kg per hectare during the last four years.
In Sindh Province the target was fixed on 0.0620 million hectares area but cotton grow ion 0.422 million hectares area.
The state government has fixed target for production of 15 lakh Metric tonnes off seasonal vegetable production in 70,000 hectare area by the end of the 12th five year plan which is likely to be exceeded as per the trend in production of off-seasonal vegetable.
Within its more than 383,000 hectares one finds all climatic conditions--arid, mountain temperate, and tropical--and more than 1,800 species of plants, 700 types of butterflies, 23 species of amphibians, 71 of reptiles, 360 of birds and 131 different mammals.
"The 50 hectares of woodland could also qualify for the EWGS Woodland Management Grant at pounds 30 per hectare.
In 2000 the average price of agricultural sales with an area less than 50 hectares (pounds 6,000 per hectare) was higher than the averages for sales involving larger areas.
For instance, Japan's rice yields peaked at 4.7 metric tons per hectare in 1984 (1 metric ton per hectare equals 907 pounds per acre).
The highest yield in wheat is being observed in Barda and Saatli regions: it is 44.3 and 42.39 centners per hectare, respectively.
About 19.8 percent of the updated standing crop of 1.15 million hectares had already been harvested.
He said that in Punjab chillies to be cultivated over 6.2 thousand hectares to produce about 10,000 tons of the commodity, where as the average yield was set at 1612.9 kg per hectare.