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A measure of area of land. A hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters. It traces its origins to the French revolutionary government. It is often used in real estate transactions. See also: Acre.


A land measurement under the metric system,equal to 10,000 square meters,or roughly 2.471 acres.

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In Mississippi, average hectarage planted to crop production for the past three years has been dominated by traditional row crop production, primarily of corn (21%), cotton (11.
These 22 countries growing GM crops comprised 11 developing countries and 11 industrial countries and they are in order of hectarage, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, China, Paraguay, South Africa, Uruguay, Philippines, Australia, Romania, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, France, Iran, Honduras, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany and Slovakia.
Eight of the 23 countries grow on more than 1 million hectares each, with the eight being, in order of hectarage, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, China, Paraguay and South Africa, the report said.
This record of site size could also be combined with the estimate of how much of the site was looted to develop an estimate of the hectarage of site surface destroyed for each looted site.
Last year the hectarage under pineapples increased more than any other crop.
Cultivation of marijuana on remote islands and cays is of concern to Bahamian authorities, although there is no official estimate of the hectarage involved.
Agricultural Biotechnology in Europe, a lobby group of key biotech players including Monsanto and Bayer, reports that Spain is the only EU country with a significant hectarage of a commercial biotech crop--Bt maize.
PHILIPPINES -- The Philippine Coffee Board's (PCB) long-time goal of accurate coffee hectarage and annual coffee production forecasting may soon be achieved as Nescafe renews its pledge of financial and technical assistance.
As it was explained by Abrahams, the experiences from the work on private plots helped "in an important way to keep people ready for the re-emergence of private farming and, as their hectarage increased during the late 1980s, they diverted labour and commitment away from the collective sector".
Whether this was pique, bluff, or indicated real intent, the hectarage involved would have been little different from that announced in 1992.