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A court proceeding that determines a stated issue. For example, a hearing may be held to determine whether or not certain evidence is admissible in a lawsuit.
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A legal proceeding conducted by an administrative agency in order to take testimony and arguments for or against a proposed action. Parties may have attorneys present but are not required to do so.Unlike the court system,most agencies permit corporations to appear through an officer or majority shareholder,without requiring an attorney.

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Deaf dogs are not any harder to train than hearing dogs. It just takes a little practical consideration to train without sound.
Participants were adults (18 years or older) with a mobility or hearing impairment who had applied and been approved for a service or hearing dog from either Texas Hearing and Service Dogs (THSD) or National Education for Assistance Dog Service (NEADS) between February 2004 and April 2005.
Ruth said: "The 14 months a hearing dog puppy is with their socialising volunteer is an especially important time for them, as their early training ensures the dog has the responsibility and resilience to support their deaf recipient.
The charity says that people with hearing dogs have been wrongly turned away from stores for 'hygiene reasons' or a concern that the dog may cause a disruption.
Rachael, who has a severe hearing impairment and lip reads, is now fundraising for another hearing dog, which she hopes to get in July.
"With your help, we can plan for the future needs of recipients like Linda and provide a new hearing dog within the shortest possible time of a dog passing away."
Paul Woolston, senior partner at PwC Newcastle, said: "We are delighted to support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and more importantly to help Roy lead a more independent life with Erin." Established in 1982, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People provides specially trained dogs to support people who are severely or profoundly deaf.
"The difference a hearing dog can make to the life of a deaf person is immeasurable and, with more and more demand for the charity's help, Hearing Dogs need to raise even more money, to keep on making that difference."
Incredibly, Guiness has never been trained as a hearing dog and came from a rescue centre.
Also recognized yesterday were Erika Bolanis and her hearing dog, McGee, of Plainfield, Conn.; Joshua Ferguson and service dog Mazey of Fort Richardson, Alaska; Margaret Premo and hearing dog Squidget of Worcester; Tina Stasukelis and service dog Mollye of Hubbardston; Ellie Snodgrass and service dog Joey of Groton; Sharon Harrison and hearing dog Whitney of Mattapan; Mary Morois and hearing dog Roxy of Indianapolis; Lou Ann Pignataro and hearing dog Belle of Princeton; Tom Rich and hearing dog Millhouse of Phillipston; David Cohn and hearing dog Sara of New York, N.Y.; Joel Hamm and classroom therapy dog Kali of Bogalusa, La.; and Judith Atwood and service dog Cheerio of Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
A DEAF man who was taken out to a pub by friends to help him get over losing his wife was ordered to sit away from other customers because he was with his hearing dog.
I had previously had German Shepherds, but Brie is my rst hearing dog. I went to see an audiologist in Southport hospital and he asked 'Have you ever thought of asking for a hearing dog?