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It cannot reflect function of auditory pathways so its presence cannot rule out hearing loss.16 It cannot grade the loss so we could not categorize our patients into those having mild, moderate or severe loss.17 We found hearing deficit was strongly correlated with prolonged stay more than 10 days, low GCS and complicated meningitis (Table-I).
Conclusions: In addition to the necessity of performing hearing screening in all newborns, infants with risk factors should be determined, hearing deficit should be screened with repeated hearing tests and social, emotional, cognitive and language development of the infant should be assured.
Both conductive and sensorineural hearing deficits have been reported [5].
The ultimate outcomes that suggest that OME is clinically important are persistent hearing deficits and the conjectured (yet to be supported by strong evidence) long-term impairment of the development of speech and language resulting from such deficits.
The results of the present study suggest that the strength of the association between sensory impairment and mortality rate in the elderly population is substantial in men with either a hearing deficit or a [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE II OMITTED] double sensory impairment.
Eighteen patients (36%) were identified having hearing deficit by BAEP.
Virtually all hearing deficits in humans arise from damage and/or loss of key cells in the inner ear called sensory hair cells.
Hearing deficits are also associated with MRKH syndrome and were present in this patient [3].
In addition to microcephaly, other problems have been detected in pregnancies and among fetuses and infants infected with Zika virus before birth, including miscarriage, stillbirth, absent or poorly developed brain structures, eye defects, hearing deficits, and impaired growth.
This experience also led to ideas regarding future mobile technologies that might facilitate social functioning in older adults with visual and hearing deficits.
(3.) Hearing deficits. Emerging research and applications to children.
However, further case-control studies are required in larger groups to establish its use in screening hearing deficits in the community.