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A court proceeding that determines a stated issue. For example, a hearing may be held to determine whether or not certain evidence is admissible in a lawsuit.


A legal proceeding conducted by an administrative agency in order to take testimony and arguments for or against a proposed action. Parties may have attorneys present but are not required to do so.Unlike the court system,most agencies permit corporations to appear through an officer or majority shareholder,without requiring an attorney.

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Finally, hearing loss might be caused by contamination of the blood by remnants of old dialysis material, particularly cellulose acetate.
A recent survey on MTV's Web site found that a mere 8 percent of young people say that hearing loss is "a very big problem.
1997) demonstrated an excess risk of developing hearing loss among workers exposed to mixed solvents (mainly toluene) plus noise among printers compared with noise-exposed referent subjects or non-exposed matched controls.
When hearing parents discover that their child is deaf, it brings to the forefront new and unexpected challenges that mainly include how best to communicate with their child and what type of educational setting is the best fit for their child's method of communication (sign language, speaking or both).
If you work in a noisy area or your TM directs you to wear hearing protection, then wear earplugs or noise muffs.
The notice must include the taxpayer's right to request, within 30 days, an administrative hearing conducted by the Office of Appeals (Appeals).
More than 25 million Americans have hearing loss, including one out of four people older than 65.
sections] 1818(u)(2), the Notice advised the Respondents that any hearing held in this matter would be public, unless the Board determines that an open hearing would be contrary to the public interest.
Because the percentage of older persons who have hearing losses is large, service providers, family members, and persons in this older age range need to be familiar with the experiential and phenomenological aspects of this condition.
Today's young people, who often crank up their headphones or car stereos, are at great risk for losing some hearing in coming years," warns audiologist Alice Holmes, a researcher on the new study.