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BEIRUT: Herds of budding athletes will flock the streets of the capital next week, with an unprecedented head count making this year's Blom Beirut Marathon the largest to date.
"While middle management will undoubtedly bear its share of job losses in organisations needing to reduce head count, it is also important to remember the crucial role these managers play in managing change, translating the objectives of senior managers into actions, and motivating others."
In the meantime, Americans should stand up and be counted in favor of a 2010 census that relies on an actual head count to safeguard against political shenanigans and produce a result in which all Americans can have confidence.
"Increasingly, we're also seeing employers filling their vacancies internally by redeploying existing employees or hiring temporary workers instead of increasing permanent head count."
Now the Forestry Commission has joined Northumberland Wildlife Trust to undertake a major head count of the herd.
Recruitment is to start immediately and when completed will bring the head count at Caerphilly to more than 80.
At a London presentation for analysts yesterday Old Mutual spelled out detailed ambitious targets for its UK businesses, but said it would examine the possibility of more reductions in its head count to save costs.
Prior to the addition of these brokers, the firm's head count was 20.
The following nonfinancial metrics are some that have emerged: load factor (percentage of seats occupied); utilization factors on aircraft and personnel; on-time performance; available seat miles; denied boarding rate; lost bag reports per 10,000 passengers; flight cancellation rate; employee head count; and customer complaints per 10,000 passengers filed with the Department of Transportation.
"He engineered a seven-fold improvement on stock price, corresponding improvement in valuation, substantial increase in sales while reducing head count and contributing to productivity," said Andy Grove, chairman of Intel and 1997 Chief Executive of the Year, in presenting Bossidy with the award.
BSI committees have members from manufacturers, users and general interest, but there is no formal head count. Members generally represent trade bodies, institutions, etc., and not their company, although people can be co-opted.
Their small numbers promote inbreeding, so the newcomers will boost the gene pool as well as the head count.