hard sell

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Hard Sell

An advertisement that aggressively commands attention and strongly encourages the target to purchase the product. For example, a hard sell commercial may simply state repeatedly, "Buy Smith's soap." A hard sell contrasts with a soft sell, which is less demanding.

‘hard sell’

a forceful and robust approach to marketing a BRAND or product. This style of ADVERTISING or PERSONAL SELLING can sometimes be successful in convincing undecided buyers. See ‘SOFT SELL.
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We were initially told it was not a hard sell but ended up being urged to use any method we liked.
Clients respond to a hard sell and increasingly demand the kind of one-stop shopping that only the largest firms with the most specialties can provide.
THE HARD SELL - They were a huge draw at this year's Electric Picnic, even for a band playing early on the Sunday.
Choreographer Nicole Vivien Watson has adopted the technique for her latest show, The Hard Sell, which she has based on her experiences of being a 20-something.
They're very pushy in the hard sell that they do and they're advertising something which doesn't have the background of credibility," said Bary.
Adapted from Alan Bennett's Tony award-winning play, The History Boys eventually overcomes its stagy feel with Oscar-caliber performances and powerful moments late in the game, but it's going to be a hard sell for its studio, Fox Searchlight.
A TELL your boss that your record speaks for itself and that it is not always necessary to go for the hard sell when you can win people over by being genuine with them.
The program will discuss producing extraordinary business development results without hard sell tactics.
But at least Vasconi's inventively remodelled building has some link with Renault's past, while providing a forum and forcing house for the hard sell upon which its corporate future depends.
Locations Before and After is for homeowners having trouble selling their home and will see Kirstie and Phil come to the rescue with a house makeover and the hard sell.
Retired Mr Lamb said: ``It is a hard sell and to say you should read the contract on the doorstep is a bit harsh.