hard sell

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Hard Sell

An advertisement that aggressively commands attention and strongly encourages the target to purchase the product. For example, a hard sell commercial may simply state repeatedly, "Buy Smith's soap." A hard sell contrasts with a soft sell, which is less demanding.
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‘hard sell’

a forceful and robust approach to marketing a BRAND or product. This style of ADVERTISING or PERSONAL SELLING can sometimes be successful in convincing undecided buyers. See ‘SOFT SELL.
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It shouldn't be a hard sell to get community leaders to devote 10 or 15 minutes a week to mentoring a child during the course of one study unit.
However, the hard sell is often difficult to pass up--so advise your clients to seek expert advice before subscribing to any scheme that offers instant wealth or exemption from paying taxes.
* Perpetually in its infancy, PET foam sheet has been a hard sell for packaging producers over nearly a decade.
Bush knows his religious school voucher plan will be a hard sell in Congress.
His significant contribution to yachting goes back many years, of course, as a past Commodore of the RSYS and significant involvement in the Yachting Association of NSW and the Australia Day Regatta, not to mention the hard sell to have the sailing of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games held on Sydney Harbour.
He admits it may be a hard sell to families, who feel guilty about withholding treatment, and some providers.
This may be a hard sell in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa, which has little to show for its foray into globalization except broad poverty, social dislocation, Coca-Cola, and an AIDS crisis the wealthier world seems resolved to ignore.
Unregulated global markets are a hard sell these days, and for good reason.
DON'T fall for the hard sell if a salesman tries to make you buy an extended warranty for your new TV or washing machine.
"Warm sweet ale goes down very well in my local pub," Jarvis conceded to the Journal, "but it's a pretty hard sell on the east side of Manhattan."
What Louise and Paige did not know was that both operations are run by the same person, Oliver James, 35, and that a hard sell to buy the pictures would follow the shoot.
"We continue with the same work ethic since we started in April 2002 by simply seeing what the customer wants, give them some advise,and then call them later with the quotation, "No hard sell and no follow up call , we wait for the call to come into us.