hard currency

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Hard currency

A freely convertible currency that is not expected to depreciate in value in the foreseeable future.

Hard Currency

A currency that is issued by a politically and economically stable country and is therefore well-respected in FX trade. Large, international transactions are often settled in one hard currency or other. The market to buy and sell hard currencies is especially liquid, even by the standards of foreign exchange trading. The price of a hard currency often remains stable in the short-term. Examples of hard currencies include the U.S. dollar, the British pound, the euro, and the Japanese yen.

hard currency

a FOREIGN CURRENCY that is in strong demand, but in short supply on the FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET. This usually arises when a country is in persistent balance of payments surplus. Compare SOFT CURRENCY.

hard currency

a FOREIGN CURRENCY that is in strong demand but in short supply on the FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET.

Hard-currency status is usually associated with an economically strong country that is running a large surplus on its balance of payments; demand for the currency is high to finance purchases of its exports, but the supply of the currency is relatively limited because the amount of it being made available through the purchase of imports is much lower. Under a FLOATING EXCHANGE-RATE SYSTEM, however, the demand for, and supply of, the currency should be, in theory, brought into balance by an APPRECIATION of its EXCHANGE-RATE value. Compare SOFT CURRENCY.

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Against this backdrop, experts said South Korea should tighten its vigilance over Pyongyang's possible hacking attacks aimed at earning hard currency to support its missile developments and keep the regime afloat.
The minister said tough legal measures will be taken by the specialized attorneys, against any one dealing in illegal hard currency markets, those smuggling subsidized commodities and those smuggling gold
Emerging Markets Debt & FX: an investment approach in the highest conviction trades, across hard currency and local currency opportunities in sovereign emerging and frontier markets, with very actively managed market exposure through an overlay of derivatives to enhance returns and mitigate risks.
Vinayak Potti will focus on the HSBC Total Return emerging markets debt strategies, while Jaymeson Kumm will concentrate on hard currency corporate and sovereign portfolios.
account surplus and larger hard currency reserves have so far shielded it
It's a vicious circle," said one banker, who spoke under condition of anonymity, explaining that banks do not have enough hard currency to meet their clients' needs, which in turn pushes those clients towards the black market.
After attaining a new level, the player is rewarded with a small amount of hard currency.
and European sanctions against Iran's energy and banking sectors, imposed over its controversial nuclear programme, have slashed its oil revenues, which are the major source of its hard currency supplies.
He has revealed that it has been fruitful since May as the exchange firms and banks are depending on themselves to make hard currency assets.
Over the past decade, Iran's Central Bank, which channels more than 90 per cent of hard currency into the local market, has employed a managed float system to support a single rate against hard currencies, notably the US Dollar.
Summary: TEHERAN -- The Iranian government has asked its citizens not to buy dollars, in an effort to stem a rush for hard currency that has sent the exchange rate plummetting in recent months.
com), a leading Independent Broker Dealer based in Zurich announced that its flagship strategy, the Hard Currency Fund (HCF), reached $150 million euro in assets, after reaching $100 million just three months earlier.