hard dollars

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Hard dollars

Actual separate payments made by a customer for services, including research, provided by a brokerage firm. Antithesis of soft dollars.
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Hard Dollars

Fees paid in cash to a brokerage for services. For example, an investor may pay hard dollars for research or investment advice from the brokerage. Hard dollar payments are made in cash rather than deducted from the value of a security transaction. See also: Soft dollars.
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hard dollars

Cash payment to a brokerage firm for goods or services provided by the firm. Thus, individual investors are usually required to pay cash for a market letter. Compare soft dollars.
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As the hard cash availability problem eased, banks have then mitigated their restrictions on electronic card usage abroad, which were imposed during the peak of the problem.
THE Income- Tax department has seized ` 11.51 crore in hard cash and jewellery worth ` 8.72 crore following a raid on meat exports company AMQ Agro and its owner Moin Qureshi, according to sources.
Today, many consumers are electing to use other payment types, even hard cash, for the purchase of goods and services, the report notes.
Recent federal regulations have made the cards a little more consumer-friendly, but here are some reasons you might want to give cold, hard cash instead:
STAFF at the Royal Mint used hard cash to set a new Guinness World Record yesterday with a coin toss attempt involving hundreds of people.
Why not pay commission on cold hard cash? When the cash comes in the door, your salesperson's job is complete.
CHRIS BOARD MAN insists imagination rather than cold; hard cash was behind the success of British cycling's Secret Squirrel Club.
But like most democracies, it works best when backed up by cold hard cash.
"The British Government has just paid a great deal of human taxpayers' hard cash for a special report into the rights of tomorrow's robots.
Just cold, hard cash. That's the message of Fox Business Network's logo, and a hint that the new net will retain Fox News Channel's blunt graphic style.
The Scots will be rewarded with hard cash if they reach the final - plus a place in the World Twenty/20 Championships in South Africa.
Seattle has until 2011 to close the achievement gaps under the grant--a deadline, but one backed up by cold, hard cash.