hard dollars

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Hard dollars

Actual separate payments made by a customer for services, including research, provided by a brokerage firm. Antithesis of soft dollars.

Hard Dollars

Fees paid in cash to a brokerage for services. For example, an investor may pay hard dollars for research or investment advice from the brokerage. Hard dollar payments are made in cash rather than deducted from the value of a security transaction. See also: Soft dollars.

hard dollars

Cash payment to a brokerage firm for goods or services provided by the firm. Thus, individual investors are usually required to pay cash for a market letter. Compare soft dollars.
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While we are on the subject of hard cash, it is significant to note that, like Stevenson's earlier full-evening ventures to Lanchbery-contrived scores (Dracula and The Snow Maiden) this Cleopatra was a joint venture with other U.
Chase Platinum Visa offers no annual fee, generous Flexible Rewards Program that offers points for every dollar spent that are redeemable for merchandise and cold hard cash.
It would be a decent test of whether those who have paid hard cash for their peerages (sorry, made generous donations to charity) are truly interested in public service.
The owners then have to make a choice between sentimental attachment and hard cash.
Irish citizens are using electronic transactions more than transactions in hard cash according to the Irish Payment Services Organisation.
two-thirds of those planning to tie the knot prefer to get cold hard cash over other types of traditional wedding gifts such as toasters or dinner service sets, research has revealed.
I put my faith and hard cash on Darren Gribben and jings Gribbens the Berwick man did the business with the opener away to Queen's Park.
She is a mum of four, after all, so shouldn't she be tending her brood rather than earning cold, hard cash on national telly?
CHRIS Boardman insists imagination rather than cold, hard cash was behind the success of British cycling's Secret Squirrel Club.
Since I came to the club in 2000 I have taken the bull by the horns and put my heart and soul as well as hard cash into this club, if anyone doubts the amount that has been invested they can obtain details from Companies House which will show exactly how much is owed to my company.
Arsenal would seem a more suitable destination, with Arsene Wenger needing to bring in another midfielder, but Newcastle can blow the Gunners out of the water when it comes to hard cash.