hard dollars

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Hard dollars

Actual separate payments made by a customer for services, including research, provided by a brokerage firm. Antithesis of soft dollars.

Hard Dollars

Fees paid in cash to a brokerage for services. For example, an investor may pay hard dollars for research or investment advice from the brokerage. Hard dollar payments are made in cash rather than deducted from the value of a security transaction. See also: Soft dollars.

hard dollars

Cash payment to a brokerage firm for goods or services provided by the firm. Thus, individual investors are usually required to pay cash for a market letter. Compare soft dollars.
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As the hard cash availability problem eased, banks have then mitigated their restrictions on electronic card usage abroad, which were imposed during the peak of the problem.
The first book, Hard Cash, received a favorable review in KLIATT in November 2003.
The fact is that North Korea has nukes, and it has shown that it is all too happy to export any military technology to get its hands on hard cash.
The milk board originally approached 20 towns with the idea ot changing their name in exchange for hard cash, but only Biggs responded.
He notes that some start-ups also spend too much time pursuing corporations' "strategic alliance programs," which provide helpful technology and advice to startups but rarely hand over hard cash.
If you had enough leverage on a transaction, you could raise the equity capital from investors who, if they were in a high enough tax bracket, never really had to put up any hard cash at all.
Lenders are tightening loan criteria on the borrower's terms sheets and requiring equity to be in the form of hard cash for new projects and stronger collateral for projects being refinanced.
While we are on the subject of hard cash, it is significant to note that, like Stevenson's earlier full-evening ventures to Lanchbery-contrived scores (Dracula and The Snow Maiden) this Cleopatra was a joint venture with other U.
It Is Never Too Late to Mend (1856) attacked conditions in prisons, and Hard Cash (1863) exposed the ill-treatment of mental patients, especially in private asylums.
Chase Platinum Visa offers no annual fee, generous Flexible Rewards Program that offers points for every dollar spent that are redeemable for merchandise and cold hard cash.