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4 -- 5 -- color) Radical Simplicity adjusted some usual features of motorcycles to preserve its design, such as this hand-operated shift lever by the rider's left leg, above.
ELLISON, manufacturer of hand-operated die-cutting equipment, announces its Fall 2005 Educator Catalog, featuring a diverse range of tools to enhance classrooms and make curriculum more interactive, including Ellison's complete fall product line with exciting new names for their one-of-a-kind dies.
The Zytel resin is used to mold the rugged chassis of the newly created sport skates, which, fitted with pneumatic tires and hand-operated hydraulic brakes, are said to make for "great aerobic exercise and a whole lot of fun.
It uses the same plasticating rotor as the LME but feeds the melt to a hand-operated compression mold for producing test-sample disks.
MOULINEX, which put hand-operated mash potato grinders in French kitchens before becoming one of the world's leading appliance makers, is filing for bankruptcy.
Mr David Herbert, aged 43, developed tennis elbow after using hand-operated bellows at the Museum of Welsh Life in St Fagans, South Wales.
2 million to supply its hand-operated desalinators to the United States Air Force.
Hand-operated switches on the walker handles allow the patient to stimulate each leg electrically to extend and flex.
Pramac ) in order to support the Italian company in its investments in Research, Development and Innovation in the field of hand-operated forklifts and gensets.
In addition to hand-operated equjpment the company offers a full line of fusion equipment and accessories, including electric hydraulic machines up to 42 inches.
The company needed to present its puddings, in a way that allowed customers to see the product, so decided on a PA217 from Packaging Automation a hand-operated machine which heat seals film and board lids to compatible preformed containers.
STI will also featured new automatic doctoring system for its small 606AW hand-operated pad printer.