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1. See: Security.

2. Any tool that a government may use to influence the economy. Common instruments include setting prevailing interest rates, raising or lowering taxes, and awarding contracts to the private sector to stimulate demand for goods and services.

3. See: Contract.


A legal document, such as a check, a security, or a will.


A written legal document.

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Follow-up with hand instruments is always required, especially on interproximal surfaces directly under the contact where the small active portion of a sonic or ultrasonic tip is difficult to adapt.
8 May 2017 - US-based dental supplies maker Young Innovations has acquired US-based dental hand instruments maker American Eagle Instruments, Inc.
GlobalData's Medical Devices sector report, "Hand instruments - Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment, 2015" provides an overview of Hand Instruments currently in pipeline stage.
Special hand instruments are available for use with carisolv gel (fig.
Hand instruments of this type have typically been disposable, significantly increasing procedure costs.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of laparoscopy hand instruments as per list 1
The SILS[TM] Hand instruments from Covidien are the latest advancements in endoscopic tissue manipulation, enhancing the surgeon's flexibility and visualization when performing SILS[TM] procedures.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of laproscope hand instruments and trocars