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Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare the cleanliness of root canal walls after retreatment using PTN and PTR NiTi systems and Hedstrom hand files in the mesial canals of curved mandibular molar teeth and the time required for gutta-percha and sealer removal.
[9] found that the amount of dentin defects following a retreatment procedure with PTU-R files was similar to that after the initial preparation of the root canal with hand files using the balanced-force technique.
For larger canals, hand files can be used after the F2 reaches the working length to complete the apical enlargement.
In the present study, the removal procedures in both groups were complemented with a Hedstroem hand file.
(fig.6, 7, 8) Whilst a good preoperative periapical radiograph will give an indication of what to expect before the canal is prepared (size of canal, length of canal, number of canals, degree and severity of curvature) only the first hand file into the canal will aid in the selection of the Wave One file as follows