halo effect

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Halo Effect

In psychology, the concept that persons with one positive quality are perceived as having multiple positive qualities. For example, an attractive person may be thought to be more intelligent than he/she really is. In business, the halo effect is seen when one popular product from a company improves sales for other products.
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‘halo effect’

the regarding of an individual by others, especially his or her superiors, as especially good at his or her job. The reality may be different but, because the belief is strongly held, any shortcomings may not be perceived. Those employees who have the halo effect often achieve rapid promotion, with the result that their occupancy of particular job roles may be brief. Any aspects of their performance which are not satisfactory may not come to light for some time, hence the halo effect remains undiminished. However, those with this attribute often attract resentment from their more discerning colleagues. The opposite of the halo effect is the horns effect, where an employee is viewed badly whatever his or her actual performance. See PETER PRINCIPLE.
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For the 25 congregations, the total halo effect came to $73 million, according to the study.
Edward Thorndike first observed the halo effect in 1920 via a paper called "The Constant Error in Psychological Ratings," which analyzed military officer rankings of subordinates.
Pitfalls of the halo effect are especially apparent when auditors evaluate information about clients (and members of client management) in a somewhat arbitrary order.
TV has a halo effect on the ROI of short-form video, search, and display.AM/FM radio has a similar halo effect on media plans.
Viewers will be treated to a beautiful halo effect as the earth, sun and moon align.
The coverage of his sad passing will have a halo effect on a totally new generation.
TEHRAN (FNA)- In "Thinking, Fast and Slow," psychologist Daniel Kahneman introduces the concept of "exaggerated emotional coherence," or what you've probably come to know as the "halo effect."
Now, JAVELIN has released state of EMV cardholders: opportunities to capitalize on the halo effect, which provides a diagnostic snapshot of the state of cardholder awareness of EMV, and looks at the differences (and similarities) between EMV cardholders and non-EMV cardholders.
It is aimed at giving Ford a showpiece of style and engineering that it hopes will bathe its lower-end cars in panache -- the so-called halo effect.
The drizzle effect of rain or the soothing halo effect on walls needs to be seen and experienced, but will surely be talked about.
Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity, PS16.50 (www.regissalons.co.uk) Wella SP Luxe Light Oil Spray, PS13.50 (www.lookfantastic.com) THE HALO BRAID ORIGINALLY created for the Erdem catwalk by Charles Worthington, the Halo Braid can be worn loose with lots of flyaways to create the halo effect, or taut and tame for a sleeker feel.