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The Confit Duck and Honey Roast Half Crown enhance these premium associations and are designed to keep consumers coming back for more, making your business more profitable."
In Division Two, Coventry Spires also lost 3-1 at Stockton as leaders Half Crown Yeomen kept up the pace at the top of the table.
There, the half crowns would be spent on candy kippers, rock, or inflatable beach balls, and bathing rings.
Godiva lost all four of their games against Half Crown Knights while Leofric won on points at Solihull Swifts.
In the second half Crown were fighting against the wind and Tingley took full advantage of the conditions.
A quick tap and pass from scrum half Crown sent Edwards charging through the Otley defence to score his second and bring the scores level.
A BUILDER who found a message in a bottle got the reward promised - a half crown coin, worth 12.5p.
The Queen has personally approved the design of the large gold coin, about the size of an old half crown. Diana's head will be on one side and the Queen's on the other.
Burge, who died in 1964, claimed the cup had been melted down on the night of the robbery and made into fake half crown coins.
In the second half Crown faced an uphill battle to address the deficit.
THREE Stockton Half Crown players represented England in the European Ptanque Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden.
* In 1913 a half crown bet led to an adventurous diver's death.