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He later tweeted: "My new name is 50 HALALA, so get with the program.
C A consortium of Saudi Arabia's ACWA Power and Portugal's Martifer Renewables placed a bid of slightly over 10 halalas per kilowatt hour, while Italy's Enel Green Power and local firm Al Babtain Contracting bid just over 12 halalas.
The price of octane-95 grade gas will increase by 72 halalas. It will be sold at SR1.62 per liter compared to 90 halalas at present.
'What's more, the customers can keep calling at an amazing local rate of 40 Halalas to 3 favorite FRiENDi mobile numbers.
Prince Al Waleed, as 95 per cent shareholder, will receive only 13 halalas per share per year, the company said.
Mobily has dropped its call rates to flood-hit Pakistan to 66 halalas per minute to help its customers calling their homeland during thefloods.
The King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology, or KACST, recently launched a major national initiative to produce desalinated water and electricity at a much cheaper rate -- less than a riyal for a cubic metre of water and 30 halalas per kilowatt/hour.
But it insisted that such tariffs should not exceed 26 halalas per kilowatt/hour and should consider power load in peak hours and other times.
A the lowest level, for major bulk users of power like the industries, the tariff rose to 12 halalas per kWh.
Abu Dhabi's Masdar and Electricite de France SA bid to supply power from a 300-megawatt photovoltaic plant for as little as 6.69736 halalas a kilowatt hour, or 1.79 cents.