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Everything is painted on the interior prior to installation of the interior gypsum board.
* How has the gypsum board market performed so far and how will it perform in the coming years?
Engineer Hamdy Shabrawi, Manager of Knauf for Gypsum Boards, said the factory specialises in three products, notably gypsum boards, steel beams and powder gypsum.
Gypsum boards offer an alternative to wood for applications including ceilings, insulation and partitions, he said.
Three test series have been measured: 1) the uncoated gypsum board; 2) the gypsum board covered with the priming coat and acrylic finishing coat A; 3) the gypsum board covered with the priming coat and latex coat L.
Once completed, the plant, an investment of Dh500 million, will produce building materials such as gypsum board, metal studs, channels, joint compounds, drywall accessories and plasters, for construction sites across the UAE and the rest of the Middle East.
Gypsum board market in Indonesia is presently dominated by three main suppliers which are all connected with foreign companies.
National Gypsum has developed its Gold Bond brand SoundBreak Gypsum Board, acoustically enhanced for use in the construction of high-rated STC (Sound Transmission Class) wall assemblies.
All is then wrapped in fire resistant gypsum board and a weather barrier.
Gypsum board is the dominant gypsum product sold in North America, accounting for nearly three-quarters of total tonnage in 2004.
In Per Hasselberg's installation OPTION, 2005, a video projected onto shards of gypsum board leaning against a wall, shows a droning, aged Swede--Bengt Goransson, who was a politician in the Olof Palme government--unfold with sweet irony the open-handed Swedish identity that ingenuously fueled Malmo's predicament with diversity.