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A case has also been registered under Section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act in Jagadgiri Gutta police station.
The matching gutta percha cone coated with the tested sealer was fitted in the lumen and cut with a sharp blade from the minor diameter, cut from the major diameter using System B at 250o C, and packed using #11 schilder endodontic pluger (Dentsply Maillefer, Ballaigues, Switzerland).
But another sports celebrity Jwala Gutta was angry after not finding her name on the voter's list.
Gutta percha was the latex collected from trees growing in parts of Southeast Asia that was used during the 19th century to insulate telegraph cable so they could be laid across the ocean floor to create a global communication network.
Jwala Gutta, Akshay Dewalkar, Aravind Bhat, Vimal Kumar and Uday Pawar are all junior selectors while being part of the senior coaching panel.
Combanaire's aim was to find in Borneo sources of trees supplying gutta percha; seedlings that he could take to French territory in Southeast Asia--then Cochin China and Annam, or what is now southern and central Vietnam.
Buchanan, "The continuous wave of obturation technique: centered' condensation of warm gutta percha in 12 seconds," Dentistry Today, vol.
The name of the company, Gutta Percha, is derived from the genus name of the Palaquium gutta tree, which produces sap that transforms into a rigid natural latex.
The Minister has met Jwala Gutta in this regard and the letter was shot of on 23rd of October to the Sports Ministry.
INDIAN badminton ace and poster girl Jwala Gutta will be visiting Bahrain later this month as a celebrity guest during the Bahrain International Badminton Series.