guaranteed bond

Guaranteed bond

A type of bond for which a firm other than the issuer guarantees its interest and principal payments.
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Guaranteed Bond

A bond on which payment is guaranteed by a third party such as a government or a bond insurance company. A guaranteed bond is doubly protected because it is payment can come either from the issuer or from the third party in case the issuer defaults. As such, a guaranteed bond is low risk and therefore usually carries a lower coupon rate than an uninsured bond or other bond without a guarantee. A bond guaranteed by the U.S. government is generally thought to be riskless.
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guaranteed bond

A bond that is issued by one firm and guaranteed as to interest and principal by one or more other firms. Such bonds, often resulting from joint ventures, are particularly common among railroads that lease tracks to and from each another.
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Changes to Mubadala's Long-Term IDRs would be reflected in MDC GMTN B.V.'s guaranteed bond rating.
The first guaranteed bond from a German issuer, the Commerzbank sale follows a EUR1.5bn covered bond sale by French bank BNP Paribas.
The Small Business Administration (SBA) has issued a notice to increase the guaranteed bond fee, from the current 20 percent to 32 percent of the bond premium, assessed to those sureties participating in the SBA Surety Bond Guarantee (SBG) Program.
The plan, unveiled last month, allows for the money that Asian countries gather via the guaranteed bond issues to be channeled into the private sector to help the financial sector write off bad debts and for companies to improve their balance sheets.
A new guaranteed bond from the West Bromwich Building Society is offering savers potential for growth combined with security of capital.
The rating of CIMBT Auto's guaranteed bond is based entirely on the irrevocable and unconditional guarantees provided by CIMBT, which is CIMBT Auto's direct parent.
THB1.0 billion 2.11% guaranteed bond due November 2021 National Long-Term Rating affirmed at 'AAA(tha)'.
SUAM Finance BV's senior guaranteed bond issuance maturing in April 2024 is rated 'BBB+', as it is guaranteed by Sura Asset Management S.A., and by the holding companies of its operating subsidiaries.
ING Bank Australia (NYSE: ING) (EUR: INGA) has launched a benchmark sized Australian dollar denominated, government guaranteed bond, Dow Jones has reported citing lead managers of the issue.
SUAM Finance BV's senior guaranteed bond issuance maturing in April 2024 is rated 'BBB+' as it is guaranteed by Sura Asset Management S.A., as well as by the holding companies of its operating subsidiaries.
Bank of Scotland's Australia branch has priced an AUD1.4bn 2011 guaranteed bond.
Australia's Suncorp-Metway Limited (SUN.AU) has priced a four year AUD1.0bn government guaranteed bond offer Dow Jones has reported, citing a lead manager.

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