growth recession

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Growth recession

A growth recession is a prolonged period (more than one quarter) of significantly below trend real GDP growth. For the U.S., this would be growth in the 0-2 percent range. While an official recession usually has two quarters of negative real GDP growth, this is not required in a growth recession.

Growth Recession

An economy in which GDP growth is occurring but unemployment is high. A growth recession can be politically complicated, as politicians either must convince the majority of people that things are going well or a minority that things are going poorly. See also: Jobless recovery.

growth recession

An economy in which the output of goods and services slowly expands but unemployment remains high or grows.
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NWI: How has National Wiper Alliance been able to grow year on year despite supply issues, slower market growth recession and other economic challenges?
Nevertheless, the numbers coming out of China are now considerably better than was so nine months ago when fears of a slip in growth to 5-6% caused fears of a growth recession that would undermine the entire de-coupling story of Asian resilience.
It is highly unlikely, in my opinion, that Beijing will drive the economy into a growth recession just to contain inflation," Stephen Jen, managing director of macroeconomics and currencies at Bluegold Capital Management, said in a note.
With the exception of India and Brazil, virtually all countries are experiencing either an outright recession or a growth recession.
Ms Lea said the prospect of a growth recession in the US was "almost inevitable" and added, "US problems are always inflated around the globe.
He remarked that the recession in 2001 had been exceptionally mild and came very close to being a growth recession rather than an NBER recession.
Even the expansion of the 1960s seems to have only four phases with a growth recession interspersed between the recovery and expansion.
an interesting likelihood of a growth recession, or a sustained period of below-trend growth, starting in the first half of 1997.
In 2012, affected by the depressed global economic growth and China's economic growth recession, the demand from aerospace, chemical and other downstream sectors shrank, resulting in a slowdown in China's titanium production, and it is expected to be 52,700 tons throughout the year.
Now the Japanese government's judgment on present economic conditions is very close to the market assessment - it is now very close to a growth recession,' he added.
GLOBAL GROWTH RECESSION WILL PERSIST - Global growth recession is expected to persist in 2013, especially in the early part of the year.
To most people, a growth recession will feel like a real recession, and the investment implications are similar to a real one.