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The change in a company's or nation's earnings, revenue, GDP or some other measure from one period of time (usually a year) to the next. Growth shows by how much the measure has grown or shrunk in raw dollar amounts, but may be expressed as a percentage as well. It may or may not be adjusted for inflation.


Growth is an increase in the value of an investment over time. Unlike investments that produce income, those that are designed for growth don't necessarily provide you with a regular source of cash.

A growth company is more likely to reinvest its profits to build its business. If the company prospers, however, its stock typically increases in value.

Stocks, stock mutual funds, and real estate may all be classified as growth investments, but some stocks and mutual funds emphasize growth more than others.




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Hormone levels in the meat from animals implanted with growth promotants are much lower than those occurring naturally in beef produced from cows and bulls.
At issue is the Swiss government's notification last July that it found traces of growth promotant diethylstilbestrol (DES) in two of 100 samples of U.
There has also been a push to restrict the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics as growth promotants in animal agriculture for fear of contributing to antibiotic resistant pathogens in humans.
No growth promotants, no natural or synthetic hormones, estrus suppressants, beta agonists or synthetic growth promotants can be administered.
Key words: air quality, animal confinements, antibiotic resistance, antimicrobial growth promotants, avian influenza, bioaerosols, livestock, poultry, swine, water quality.
For its part, "Niche pork has certain attributes, including pork raised without antibiotics, growth promotants, or animal byproducts in the feed, that are preferred and valued by some groups of customers," explained Cizek.