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It may also mean that the market does not consider nutraceuticals a growth industry. Betas are a backwards-looking measurement, usually spanning 36 months.
Our fear is overstaffing will be compensated by an increase in tickets issued - a worrying growth industry for Britain."
It goes hand-in-hand with the growth industry in counselling.
Well before Mike Myers had masterminded Austin Powers into a one-man growth industry, John Huston saw that the worm was prematurely turning on psychedelia and Nancy Sinatra boots.
Already, 500,000 work in what has been the nation's biggest growth industry.
TEACHING English to foreign students electing to stay in Dublin has proved a big growth industry over the last couple of decades.
This has been a steady growth industry, stimulated by a proliferation of specialty cleaning products.
This public taste for eye-popping effects work has proven insatiable and created a growth industry in computer animators.
In the United States, socially responsible investing is a growth industry. Investment funds screened according to some social criteria surged from just $162 billion in 1995 to nearly $1.5 trillion in 1999--some 9 percent of all managed funds.
It's also big business--a growth industry featuring almost anything and everything that can be imprinted and sold, from bracelets and necklaces to travel koozie cups and refrigerator magnets.
Demographics and Customer Satisfaction Indicate Assisted Living is a Growth Industry.

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