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With this shareholder structure and the market know how and access that comes with it, Continuum Capital seeks to make ground rent structures much more common in the German real estate market.
Many people in and around Castlebar are supposed to pay ground rent to the Lucan estate - the controllers of land which was stolen from Irish people in the first place.
The Tynemouth District claim to be among those facing the possibility of huge rises in ground rent on three of the buildings they use.
It has a long leasehold with an annual ground rent of pounds 6,00.
For the Port Authority, as much as $3 billion is on the line, the amount of ground rent that Silverstein says he has paid the authority since he leased the site in 2001--just weeks before it was destroyed--and that he is seeking reimbursement for because of the authority's delays.
The tenants of 150 properties in Castlebar, Co Mayo, are supposed to pay his estate EUR20-a-year each in ground rent.
The buildings are held on a 75-year ground lease from December 1973 at a ground rent of pounds 10,200 per annum.
He expected the annual ground rent to reach a maximum of pounds 1800 when he took over the Golden Tee bar in Aberdeen in 1992.
9% on a cash basis, which was calculated after including a deduction for the ground rent expense.
Q We used to pay our ground rent to a man who collected from one half of the street.